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About Me

My name is Herlinda Hernandez and I’m a Latina born of two Salvadorian parents in Los Angeles, CA 1976. On my personal side, I’m a conservative Christian with love and respect for all types of people and religion. I adore animals, value family, and love documenting everyday life through video production and photography.

If you haven’t checked out my video works, you’ll notice I have a few videos with little traffic. That’s because I’m interested in sharing my life and creatives with friends and family. I don’t care about likes or popularity, or what strangers think unless it’s constructive criticism. If I can make a difference or touch someone’s life with my work, then I met my goal. I’ve created cherished memories in peoples lives through my work and that’s what brings me joy.

On my professional side, I’m talented in business administration and have a successful career in accounting, human resources, and digital marketing as a director for a home improvement showroom with approximately 50 employees. I believe being a good steward in managing my finances and resources, thus I treat my job as my own personal business. I thrive best when I get to work in business while being creative. I value my coworkers and their needs and their love shows in some of my videos.

Thank you for checking my work out.

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