Gouache Paintings by Herlinda

These are paintings I've done starting in college. The most recent ones have significant meaning and are more for my daily reminder and motivation.
Mark 4:35

Mark 4:35 After reading the whole story behind this verse, I discovered Jesus already knew he would reach the other side no matter what came during the trip, which turned out to be a life threatening storm that appeared to almost kill everyone on board. Yet they all made it to the other side. Whenever I face a gut fearing challenge, this painting reminds that Jesus will lead to me to the other side no matter was storm comes my way.

Oh Mr. Bond

This is a depiction of my love of James Bond. I'm a HUGE fan of all the music and specifically the Daniel Craig movies. The blue in the suit is from a navy suit he wore in Skyfall. The blue in the flag is for the ocean he came out of all sexy in Casino Royal. The gold is for Goldfinger. And the martini is for the Vesper that will knock you out.

We made it

Inspired by Psalms 23 of the Bible, it's a visual depiction of where I can be in life - In a dark valley; By flowing rivers of blessing; Being at peace and having all I need in green pastures; or being guided by the unseen Sheppard.

Rajdulari Goes to Bollywood

This is a painting inspired by a story my friend Lanier wrote, who was originally inspired by a perfume he critiqued. Below is the link to the short story of this sweet little Indian princess.

Queen Rio

My niece, when she about 13 drew this piece from an old Time magazine and I painted it. This was the first piece I took the risk of using glitter and thereafter, I incorporate the bling in all my pieces. It's risky because if I mess up the glue, there goes the painting.

Drum Priestess

During my 20s and 30s, I played congas and Djembe. I performed at a handful of live events while I DJ. I use to love going to Hippy Hill in Golden Gate park and jam with other drummers. Though it was male dominated, I proudly held my own. Rhythm is in my DNA.

Pray in Secret

The most effective prayer is the one done in secret. When you pray out loud, the dark spiritual world is listening to your petition, giving them the ammo to make your life difficult.

What my ears see
Wasn't me
Space Oddessey Julie
Watch your back
Psychadelic Alien
Feelin' the Beat
Hit that
Sister of Drum Priestess