My Influencers

The following men have a great influence in my life who teach me how to walk this complicated life.

These past few months in 2020 during the COVID crisis, the revelation of former pastors I followed exposed a very subtle and deceptive detour they lead me in my spiritual walk with Christ. I can’t dismiss or write them off completely because they taught me very valuable life lessons, but the ultimate assurance of me knowing Christ and living my life for him is my focus now.

Though my needs for encouragement, direction, and motivation to live out my life are important, my focus is to mature in Christ and live my life through Him. These times have created a thirst and hunger for the true meaning of life, a higher power, and divine help.

These pastors don’t sugarcoat God’s Word, but they don’t condemn, judge, or accuse either. They nourish my soul with the Word of God and if you thirst and hunger, I invite you click on one of these links and open the door to Christ knocking on the door of your heart.