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Failed Container Pepper Plant Lesson on Roof Garden

Updated: Nov 8

To avoid soil runoff from watering my pepper plants on the roof garden, I added a porous fabric as a liner in the pots. I did this so that any soil that could run off would not clog the pipes in the plumbing since I have a roof top garden. Doing so kept my roof garden nice and tidy too. Although the idea was good, the results were a painful failing lesson. The fabric did not allow the roots of my pepper plants thrive, resulting in poor pepper production.

However, the peppers I grew in the large fabric pots did excellent. Check out this short video to see the progress of both failure and successful pepper planting.

Lesson learned: Grow pepper plants in large fabric pots and use the plastic ones for the marigolds. Fertilize every 4-5 weeks too.

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