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Successful Soft Neck Container Garlic

Updated: Nov 8

This year, my soft neck garlic did better in containers. Compared to last year when my harvest got rust disease, I did not cover them with fabric, nor did I do companion planting.

I learned from other YouTube videos that I shouldn't plant the small bulbs, but I discovered that if you have a narrow small container like the one in this picture, they grew perfectly relative to the container size. Since I don't have a land, ground garden, I chose to test by using the space available. As you can see my harvest was good, but not best.

When I harvested the garlic, I had enough to share with my neighbor and coworker.

The lessons learned this year are:

  1. Don't cover the container with any type of fabric

  2. Don't overcrowd the container

  3. Fertilize crops every four to six weeks

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