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How to Protect Baby Vegetable Seedlings from Being Eaten in Small Greenhouse

Updated: May 31, 2020

My first year at #vegetable #gardening was a frustrating disaster. Most would relinquish the hobby after disappointment after disappointment. Not to mention the cost and time only to find your baby #seedlings were devoured not once, but multiple times after trying over and over. (Image 1)

I went into my small #greenhouse at night and never found the culprit. Of course bugs freak me out, so I just skimmed the surface. I even installed a motion camera (2nd image) and all the photos were of the greenhouse moving from the wind.

My second year, I discovered that if you sprinkle FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth on the newly sprouted seedlings (image 3), they have a chance to grow. I sprinkle it on all baby fruits, herbs, and veggies. As you can see from the abundant growth, now my problem is trying to contain the plants. I've clearly outgrown my greenhouse, and God willing I’ll have a solution by next year’s post/update.

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