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Lessons Learned - Italian Basil

Updated: May 31, 2020

Trying to grow vegetables and herbs outside in zone 10 has been extremely challenging. As of today I’ve spent $1,650 on my new hobby of gardening. Even during the summer, it can get cold and windy very quickly, so trying to be 100% sustainable using natural elements has been a challenge but I won’t give up.

Basil grows best in hot, sunny environments so that’s why I got the greenhouses to confine and utilize the sun’s temperature. Without proper airflow, the greenhouse accumulates moisture making it the perfect environment for all sorts of plant disease and pests like downy mildew. This was my first attempt at growing Italian basil from seed.


  1. Check the moister level of soil before watering

  2. Leave the greenhouse a little open for air circulation

  3. If treating with anti-fungal mixture, spray early in the morning so sun will evaporate it quick

  4. Harvest 75% of new bush and dry it out for cooking later

  5. If planting individually, use plastic bottles as mini greenhouse for each plant

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