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My First Crops One Year Later by Herlindros

My first year at gardening was a long, expensive, frustrating learning experience. Dealing with an over population of gnat flies, earwigs eating my seedlings, and over sowing of seeds I had to tear down and start over many times. This year, my greenhouse is looking good. I have three types of tomatoes growing successfully. I planted complimenting Calendula Flowers which are medicinal and edible. I also planted Bulgarian peppers, mint, lemons, basil, and beets.

My beets aren't growing, but I keep harvesting the large leaves for delicious salads even kids will devour. Click here to see the recipe video. I have to baby my plants every day and check the soil moisture with a meter while controlling gnats with Gnatrole. I rubbed all the stems with petroleum jelly and powdered them DIATAMATIOUS EARTH. So far I'm producing a plentiful harvest and learning how to dry the Calendula flowers for medicinal tea. Stay tuned for that post.

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