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What do Moths in your Vegetable Garden Mean?

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

In October of last year, I notice this moth peacefully flying around in my greenhouse. I took these photos because I was excited that insects are beginning to be attracted my greenhouse. I later discovered that the presence of moths means they are targeting Brassicaceae vegetables like kale or cabbage to lay their eggs. After the eggs hatch, they transform into cute little green caterpillars and devour your kale, like mine. The signs are holes in the leaves or entire leaves eaten away.

Solution? Neem oil.

An 1/8 teaspoon of Neem oil in a spray bottle is all you need. Douse your plants once a week for two or three weeks during a cool period and your kale or cabbage should come back to life. You may want to fertilize it to boost the nutrients.

Lesson: If you see the presence of moths in your garden, spray Neem oil on your kale, cabbage, or mustard greens before you see holes on your Brassicaceaes to be proactive.

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