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What's Eating Your Kale or Cabbage

These little green catterpillars are the culprits.

In my previous post, I shared what moths in your garden or greenhouse mean.

They target Brassica plants to lay eggs on your kale or cabbage which later turn into these critters and eventually moths.

Initially I thought neem oil would solve the problem, but nope. If more than one egg has be laid, this will be an ongoing problem. Your kale or cabbage will continue to be eaten up.

Here is what I learned this week. If holes in your kale or cabbage continue after spraying neem oil, from the base of your plant, give each plant a good shake, being careful not to rip the plant from the roots. When you shake the plant, these little green caterpillars will fall on the soil. Pick them up and move them to a bird area for their lunch.

It's the circle of life.

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