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Zone 10 Greenhouse 6 Months Later

I just wanted to share with the world my little sanctuary. Scroll through this slideshow to see my progress from Jan - Jun 2020. This small space has been such a blessing for my mother and me during this COVID Shelter-in-Place season. Here is a series of photos of my urban, container garden in my 14' x 10' x 7 rooftop greenhouse in San Francisco .

It's my third year at container gardening and my Key Lime tree in the back left, suffered because I had no clue how to manually pollinate. Much of the leaves fell off by spring. The cilantro by the red birds bolted because I did not know they do not like hot temperatures.

In March, my determinate tomatoes were doing wonderful, but I made the grave mistake of ignoring some little white files that turned out to do major damage. At the same time I ignored this disease called Blight. Another post with that lesson learned coming soon.

Because I built my own compost, something weird but wonderful happened. Many unknown seedlings started to germinate all over my containers, which turned out to be new many indeterminate tomatoes. The mistake I made with the determinate tomatoes, I learned with the new babies. Now I'm growing three additional unknown tomato varieties.

Anyway, in 2020 I've harvested spinach, onions, cilantro, mint, purslane, cucumbers, beets, lettuce, kale, tomatoes, and kitty grass. Cheers to all gardeners.

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